How great is your fuel efficiency challenge?

  1. Are you able to respond to the pressures to reduce fuel consumption?
  2. Do you know how complex the factors are which affect total vessel fuel consumption?
  3. Do you appreciate how changing external factors like wind, current and draft affect fuel consumption?
  4. How can you manage your overall fuel consumption unless you have live data to react to?
  5. Have you evaluated the potential savings that greater fuel efficiency could bring to your operations?

The limitations of conventional monitoring systems

  • Incomplete

    - they ignore many factors affecting fuel consumption.
  • Out of date

    - information is collected sporadically with no access to live data.
  • Imprecise

    - based on assumptions and data that aren't matched to the vessel.


The power of GreenSteam

See how it works
GreenSteam Optimiser is the first system capable of harvesting every important parameter related to shaft power and speed through the water - through both on-board sensors and unique draft and wave radars.

Minute by minute and mile by mile, GreenSteam collects data from around the vessel; genuine machine measuring with no scope for human error.

The result - REAL-TIME decision-making support;
trusted advice from industry-leading technology to reduce your fuel consumption.