Continuous performance optimisation

  1. Vessel operating conditions monitored in real-time
  2. Advice continuously supplied to the user interface on the bridge
  3. GreenSteam reacts dynamically to changes in the ship's condition and environment
  4. GreenSteam instantly finds new settings for trim
  5. GreenSteam continuously optimises fuel efficiency

3-5% typical fuel savings

Intelligent learning technology based on industry-leading expertise


Data collection

GreenSteam harvests multiple sensor readings over an extended period


Self learning

It learns from patterns of relationships between dynamically changing conditions and changes in fuel efficiency



GreenSteam uses mathematical models to uncover the knowledge hidden in the data



Continuously learning, continuously updated advice on settings for optimal fuel efficiency for your individual vessel

The GreenSteam experience captain's view

For vessel captains, the power of GreenSteam comes from having at-a-glance insight into the vessel's performance through the GreenSteam monitor on the bridge.

Captain's view - optimizer screen

GreenSteam optimiser screen shows low operational performance (representing wasted fuel)

Captain's view - trim action

Trim action arrows guide trim adjustment

Captain's view - optimizer screen(2)

Optimizer shows restored vessel performance

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