The GreenSteam Dashboard Total performance clarity

  • Instant at-a-glance insight into your vessel’s fuel performance, as it changes
  • Simple decision-support information you can act on
  • ‘Alerts’ driving fast response to every opportunity to improve fuel consumption
  • Zero manual inputs needed
GreenSteam dashboard

GreenSteam on your vessel means...

  • ‘Captaincy’ over fuel efficiency – a new level of knowledge and control
  • Improved overall vessel operating competitiveness and profitability
  • Ability to benchmark vessel changes
  • Directly measurable ROI
  • Confidence in your overall operational efficiency
Ship's hull

GreenSteam Manager Onshore monitoring, Onshore control

  • Monitor vessel and fleet performance from any standard browser, anywhere
  • Live, accurate, highly detailed data from each vessel
  • Automatic alerts when an aspect of vessel performance needs attention
  • ‘Lost fuel saving’ results for every voyage for every vessel
  • The power to save fuel and money right across your fleet
GreenSteam monitor
How much could you save?