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We are always looking for talented people to join our team and help us make shipping more efficient.


A unique team and exceptional people

The GreenSteam team is special. We are highly educated and skilled professionals. All of us have years of experience of working in an international environment which makes us very open-minded. We are naturally curious and interested in many different fields. This makes our work environment unique and exciting.

We have a passion for what we do and high levels of personal autonomy. We all work towards a powerful purpose - to make the world a better place by reducing marine fuel consumption. Every single team member can have a significant impact on product development, strategy. Initiative and creativity are highly valued in GreenSteam, along with honesty and close cooperation within the team and with customers. One of our key goals is to build trust and transparency in the relationships to our customers as well as internally.



Almost everything you wear and eat and all your gadgets have been transported on a ship. More than a billion tonnes of goods are transported by sea every year. To put this into perspective, the Great Pyramid of Giza weighs 5.9 million tonnes - so the equivalent of 200 of those are transported every year around the world by sea. Imagine the massive amount of fuel used for this task! Working with us allows you to have a direct impact on reducing the emissions and make the transport cleaner, more efficient and smarter.



At GreenSteam, we firstly prioritize the safety of our team members. We believe that people who are safe and thrive in every aspect of their lives, including their work environment, are more creative, productive, and happy. Other important values we care for are: health, family, stability, respect and life-work balance. We want to help our team members maintain a real passion for their work..



Our working culture is built around cooperation, helping each other and sharing ideas. For example, in our daily development team routine we do pair-reviews, pair-programming, helping each other and providing mutual support. It is very important for us to be happy and smiling everyday with a good sense of humor and a healthy lifestyle. Our language in daily communication is English.




The gym. And the shower, otherwise I wouldn't be able to bicycle to work. There are facilities that help you stay healthy.
Jóan Petur Petersen


Collaborating closely with few people creates a strong bond that directly reflects on your work, especially when given the chance to access interesting projects and technologies.
Guillaume Depoyant


Open minded team, very challenging projects in different domains and cooperation.
Maciej Wisniewski

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If you think that you can help us make a difference feel free to apply through Open Application. We always appriciate skilled people and new ideas.

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